Trey Anastasio
Credit: Trey Anastacio: James Patrick Cooper / Retna

Shine (Music - Trey Anastasio)


Trey Anastasio’s Shine, his first CD after Phish’s split, helps explain why he felt it was time to move on: He wanted to rock — or at least rock more than he had been. With producer Brendan O’Brien (Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen) aboard, Anastasio’s crafted the loud-but-tasteful, radio-friendly songs Phish were never able to create; for once, the anthems sound anthemic, not cutesy. Next time around, though, he needs to hire a lyricist: Modern-hippie refrains like ”love is freedom” and ”the air said to me” prove you can take the boy out of Phish but you can’t completely take Phish out of the boy.

Shine (Music - Trey Anastasio)
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