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Scream 2, Sarah Michelle Gellar
Credit: Scream 2: The Kobal Collection

So what do Drew Barrymore, Sarah Michelle Gellar (left), Jenny McCarthy, Rose McGowan, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Parker Posey have in common? They were all victims in Wes Craven’s Scream films, of course: Barrymore and McGowan in the first film; Gellar and Pinkett Smith in 2; and McCarthy and Posey in the final chapter of the trilogy.

Interestingly, this week instead of giving me creative answers, you just gave me a lot of backtalk, berating me for making the question too easy (which I acknowledged upfront). Anyhow, also interestingly, most of the haters didn’t know the correct answer. Ah, hubris!

But lots of you did know the answer, and had better manners. As a special Halloween treat (get it?), I’ve listed all the smarty-pants after the jump. A lot of the usual stalkers participants, including Dyan Glazer, Connie Chilton, and the (dum, dum, DUM) return of the PopWatch Bullies, who I’m totally not worrying about because I’ve been taking capoeira — and my bodyguards don’t drink as much as I do.

Prodigal PopWatcher (and insane person) Michael Slezak is running around HQ with that dagblasted Ghostface Killer mask on, so I am off to go explore an abandoned old castle, have a seance, talk about old horror-movie cliches, have carnal relations at the summer camp by the lake, reincarnate a dead relative, adopt a nonverbal toddler named Damien, babysit in a house with two phone lines, and oil my chainsaw.

Plus, I totally have to get to the slaughterhouse before it closes…

Treats and tricks! See you Friday!

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Smarty McSmartsmart!

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