EW's Halloween guide to the spookiest creep shows on television. There's more to choose from than ever

By EW Staff
Updated October 29, 2005 at 04:00 AM EDT
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Why her show is the scariest thing on TV ”There’s nothing scarier than dead people,” says Hewitt, 26, who plays earnest medium Melinda Gordon. ”No matter blood and guts and gore — the truth is, if you had a dead person walk into your home, you would be crapping yourself.”

Best Halloween costume ”I went as a pretty good Marilyn Monroe one year. I had a little fan attached to the bottom [of the dress] that kept blowing it up.”

Favorite horror movie ”The Shining. I barely got through it.”

Spooky show secrets ”We have an episode where Melinda will be hearing a lot of strange voices and she has to figure out where they’re coming from and what they’re saying. We also have a spirit taking over someone’s body and changing one of our characters, which is really creepy.”

What’s the toughest thing about talking to dead people? ”I’m a very touchy-feely person in real life and I can’t have physical contact with the ghosts. I’d like to be able to comfort them or be able to grab their arm and be like, ‘Dude, don’t get up in my face!”’

Who’d win a see-the-most-dead-people competition — you or Haley Joel Osment? ”Me. He was really good, but I’m thinking I could take him.”

Because you’ve got mad whispering skillz? ”And I wear heels. And I’ve got boobs.”

Ever do the bedsheet-with-two-holes-cut-out-for-eyes prank on set? ”No. Maybe that will be my Halloween costume.” –Dan Snierson

Ghost Whisperer

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