It’s a wave of Watchmania!

The 20th anniversary of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ landmark graphic novel brings us a handsome new oversized edition of the 12-part serial, an oral history of the Watchmen phenomenon in Entertainment Weekly (the reclusive Moore speaks!), the appearance of the comic opus on Time’s list of the century’s greatest novels, and a forthcoming movie adaptation scripted by David Hayter (X-Men).

But whom to cast? PopWatch commenter Ned has already gotten a jump on the casting suggestions (click here and scroll down for his picks), but anyone can play. Here are my picks:

Dr. Manhattan Atomic-powered hero who can rearrange matter at will and can also experience past, present, and future simultaneously. As a result, he has a profoundly passive, fatalistic outlook. I’m thinking Nicolas Cage or Johnny Depp.

Ozymandias Fancies himself the world’s smartest man. Glamorous, sophisticated and lethally cool. I imagine Brad Pitt or Clive Owen.

Rorschach A hooded vigilante with a changing-inkblot mask and a dogmatic righteous streak, he’s the Travis Bickle of the saga. My pick: Steve Buscemi.

Nite Owl Gadget-loving hero entering a soft, sad-sack middle age. Someone like Paul Giamatti, only taller. Maybe Russell Crowe, made up to look the way he did in The Insider.

Silk Spectre Heroine who resents her token female sex-symbol status. She also resents her mother, the original Silk Spectre, for making her go into the business. How about a real-life second-generation screen heroine, like Angelina Jolie or Gwyneth Paltrow?

The Comedian An old-school, cigar-chomping, G. Gordon Liddy-type black-ops specialist who did dirty work for America during the Cold War. Burt Reynolds comes to mind.

Who would you watch in Watchmen?