We demand a sequel to ''Top Gun'' -- We give ideas for the continuation of how Maverick's story

Where we left off
At the height of the Cold War, hotheaded naval aviator Maverick (Tom Cruise) harnesses his need for speed, shoots down some bogeys, and wins the heart of his instructor, fellow Righteous Brothers fan Charlie (Kelly McGillis).

What oughta happen next
The tables turn as Mav, now a teacher at San Diego’s elite flight school, romances hotshot student Butch (Jennifer Garner). The Cold War may be over, but when terrorists send Top Gun scrambling, Mav must slip back into his jumpsuit to save L.A….and Butch.

Could it get made?
It almost was in the early 1990s — and it’s not too late. Although producer Don Simpson and coscreenwriter Jim Cash have died, director Tony Scott (Domino) could use a return to his roots, Cruise might need to take on a familiar role after his current shenanigans, and producer Jerry Bruckheimer, well, these days he can do whatever he wants.

Top Gun
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  • 110 minutes