Ellie Parker (Nov. 11) Here’s Naomi Watts’ autobiographical indie comedy (left) inspired by her pre-Mulholland Drive days as a struggling actress. Looks funnier than its familiar scenario suggests, particularly the scene where she and a fellow actress compete to see who can burst into tears first. After all her wrenching dramatic and horror-film roles lately, it’s nice to see Watts do something relatively light.

Chicken Little (Nov. 4) Usually, watching cartoon characters rap makes me queasy, but this clip of the Chicken Little menagerie rocking it old-school made me chuckle. (It’s Chicken Run-DMC!) Plus, it’s a fun way to get to know the characters.

Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World (Jan. 20, 2006) One look at this trailer, and you’ll see why Albert Brooks’ new satire is controversial. Here, the veteran comic actor goes on a diplomatic mission to India and Pakistan to find common ground in comedy with the people who want to kill us, but his trademark abrasiveness only makes matters worse. This movie may not win America (or Hollywood, which is almost the same thing) any new friends, but if you have a high threshold for outrage, it could be pretty funny.