Taking the temperature of pop culture -- We rate the hottest and coldest in entertainment

100F Wild and crazy, meet respectability: Steve Martin gets Twain prize as genteel Shopgirl opens well.

80F NBC’s Quill Book Awards (yes, books) is new fave awards show: just one hour! Lots of people in glasses!

60F Donald Trump pockets $1.5 million for Learning Annex speech. But he also has to teach crochet.

40F Take me out to the ball game, just don’t put it on TV. Fox’s World Series ratings drop 30 percent.

20F An in-development reality series will allow viewers to pick a new Muppet as genre finally jumps (felt) shark.

0F Tom Cruise drops from No. 11 to 197 in new celeb survey. Brooke Shields denies voting 185 times.