Dave Karger's online-only prediction: Expect the horror sequel ''Saw II'' to make about $21 million, with the new ''Zorro'' on its heels
Donnie Wahlberg, Saw II

It’s been a month since any movie has grossed more than $20 million in one weekend. Will the mini-slump end this weekend?

Exactly one year after the horror flick Saw premiered with $18.3 million, Saw II hits 600 more multiplexes than its predecessor and looks to top its debut. Thanks to its built-in fanbase and quick turnaround, the sequel should carve out $21 million in its first three days.

Meanwhile, it’s taken seven years for Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones to follow up The Mask of Zorro with The Legend of Zorro. And though the first swashbuckling film opened with $22.5 million, the delay may cost the sequel a few million bucks. The Legend of Zorro should return with about $18 million.

Meanwhile, Nicolas Cage’s new comedy/drama, The Weather Man, will battle with last week’s champ, Doom, for third place; each film should gross around $8 million. And the new Meryl Streep/Uma Thurman comedy Prime will have to settle with $7 million for fifth place.

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