The new glamour of Goth -- We review why celebrities, musicians, and even models are suddenly dressing creepy

One thing about My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way: Death becomes him. In the band’s ”Helena” video, Goth’s new glamour boy — clad in black with dramatic kohl-rimmed eyes — even makes a funeral fabulous. According to Hot Topic — a chain of shops specializing in music-inspired fashion — the band’s ghoulish cool is a big hit with fans. At HT’s 643 stores and on their Web boutique, MCR is their No. 2 seller, with the band and the site collaborating on a series of popular MCR T-shirts featuring bullets, guns, and gravestones. ”People are tired of vanilla preppy and boho opulence,” says Cindy Levitt, HT’s VP of licensing and music. ”The dark style of bands like the Damned and the Cure is definitely cycling back.”

But modern Goth is pervading more than rock?Hollywood, the runways, even television shows like Threshold and Supernatural are keeping it fune-real. Consider the Victorian Goth of Tim Burton’s eerie Corpse Bride, or the boo-tilicious Gucci ensemble Charlize Theron wore to this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego. Designers’ fall and spring collections were rife with dark shadows, like Yohji Yamamoto’s Dracula-collared capes with bat-winged sleeves. Converse has unveiled a ”Goth” sneaker, and Hedi Slimane designed a line of skull jewelry for couture house Dior Homme (below). ”With all the heavy stuff going on — terrorism, the war — maybe it’s time to escape to the unknown,” says Johnson Hartig, whose spring ’06 collection for rocker fave Libertine (which he designed with Cindy Greene) includes biker jackets etched with skulls and skirts embellished with spiderwebs.

Hartig admits that there is a fine line between hip and Halloween. After considering a silk screen of a head with a dagger in it, Libertine ditched the idea. ”We decided that was going a bit far.”