The maturation of Madonna -- The pop legend undergoes a transformation in her new documentary ''I'm Going to Tell You a Secret''

Fourteen years after giving a Vichy water bottle the time of its life in Truth or Dare, Madonna’s back with an all-new behind-the-tour documentary, I’m Going to Tell You a Secret, which premiered Oct. 21 on MTV. How does the 40-something Kabbalah Queen stack up to her randy younger self? A quick, handy breakdown.

Truth or Dare Fake Accent Brooklyn Thoughts on the Material World Yes, please Awkward Celebrity Interaction Kevin Costner appears backstage, calls show ”neat” Most Controversial Show Number Madonna writhes on bed and pleasures herself during ”Like a Virgin” Postshow Routine Apply makeup; hit the clubs Significant Other Boyfriend Warren Beatty, who mostly sits in the background and smirks Poetry Reading ”A fart is a chemical substance/It comes from a place called bum…”

Secret Fake Accent English Thoughts on the Material World It enslaves us! Awkward Celebrity Interaction Iggy Pop appears as opening act, calls show ”cool” Most Controversial Show Number Madonna raps about soy lattes and flips off audience during ”American Life” Postshow Routine Apply ice packs; hit the sack Significant Other Husband Guy Ritchie, who mostly skips the show to hang out in pubs Poetry Reading ”I have a cage/it’s called the stage/ When I’m let out/I run about…”