EW's Holiday Gift Guide -- Fall Out Boy, Thievery Corporation, and more tell you what should be on your list


For the Fall Out Boy in your Life…

iJoy 100 Massage Chair ($599) Even emo boys get stressed out, man. For a more soothing backstage ritual than shots of bourbon, sit back and kick back in this electric massage chair. Just don’t expect any ”under the towel” action. (ijoy.com)

Trunk LTD Vintage T-Shirts ($79) Irony may be dead, but vintage concert tees are always a safe bet for any aspiring Golden God. Who cares if the band broke up before you were born? (trunkltd.com)

Game Boy Micro ($99.99) Bored on the tour bus? Pull out this new shiny, shrunken Game Boy, which is just like the old-fashioned kind, but small enough to fit in your shirt pocket. (gameboy.com)

The Big Lebowski: Achievers Edition ($49.98) Along with the Coens’ slacker classic, this box includes four coasters (hello, White Russians!), photo postcards, and a bowling towel. Just please don’t roll on the Shabbos. (universal studioshomeentertainment.com)

Gibson ES-335 ($3,683) ”I’m a Gibson guy, but I usually play SGs,” says Stump. ”I was thinking that I’d like a (semi) hollow-body Gibson, not one that’s too fat. It would just be a different sound to try.” (gibson.com)

For the Thievery Corporation in your Life…

Topless T-Shirt ($65-$125) Washed 40 times (most are then blasted with a shotgun for that dirtbag-chic look), these ultrasoft T-shirts say what DJs have always known — music can save your soul. (toplesscalifornia.com)

Sony Ericsson W800i ($499) Just try to find a better phone for a globe-trotting DJ. It’ll store over 150 songs and last 30-plus hours as an MP3 player, allow you to check e-mail, and snap shots of any and all late-night debauchery. (sonyericsson.com)

Shure E4c Sound Isolating Earphones ($299) Whether you’re hungover from a gig or just grumpy on a long flight to Ibiza, keep out loud noises with these audiophile-quality earbuds. (shure.com)

Numark iDJ ($399) This turns your iPod into a virtual turntable, perfect for those nights when you’re too tired to lug around a crate of vinyl. Scratching is not advised. (numark.com)

Stubb’s BBQ Sauce ($20 for six bottles) ”Every time we’re in Austin, we always eat at Stubb’s. Their barbecue is amazing,” says Thievery Corporation’s Eric Hilton. ”I’d like to get some of their sauce so I can experience it at home.” (stubbsbbq.com)

This holiday season, Thievery Corporation want…