EW's Celebrity Wish List -- Our favorite music stars divulge what exactly they're all pining for

SEAN PAUL: Wishes He Were… An Olympic Swimmer?

Before the music took off, I was swimming and playing water polo for Jamaica. My mother and father were both swimmers, my grandfather was on the first national water polo team for Jamaica. My events were 100-meter freestyle and backstroke, and my best freestyle time was 57 seconds. Matt Biondi, who was a great gold medalist [in the ’80s and ’90s], did about 47 seconds, so I was a little bit off.”

Bars the Hold Steady Frontman Craig Finn Wishes His Band Could’ve Played

1 Moby Dick’s (Minneapolis) ”It had an awesome sign out front that said ‘a whale of a drink.’ I think the last year it was open [in 1988], like 60 percent of all police calls downtown went there.”

2 Sweetwater Tavern (Brooklyn) ”The jukebox there [before it was cleaned and converted into a restaurant] was amazing. The tile was so gross. And the bathrooms may have only been beat out [for filthiness] by CBGB.”

3 Sugar Park Tavern (New Orleans) ”We’ve never played New Orleans, and I feel like now [since Hurricane Katrina] we’re never going to get the chance.”

4 Jay’s Longhorn (Minneapolis) ”It was the first punk-rock bar in Minneapolis, and the Suicide Commandos were the big band. The guitar player became my guitar teacher when I was in 7th grade; the first lesson, he’s like, ‘Do you smoke cigarettes?’ and I said no. And he was like, ‘You might want to think about it, ’cause it looks really cool when you’re playing guitar.”’

Esthero Wishes You — and Her Dad — Had a Better Internet Service Provider

”If you know anyone that still has dial-up…for Pete’s sake, get them a high-speed package. My dad refuses to pay for it, and I might as well be sending e-mails to his toaster oven.”

Hurley’s Desert Island CD Wishes

The man behind Lost‘s Hurley, actor Jorge Garcia, spent years working in record stores, so you know he has a list.

1. The Smoking Popes, Destination Failure (1997) A mix of soft voice and hard guitars. No one suffers like these guys.

2. Frank Sinatra, Songs for Swingin’ Lovers (1956) Nothing shocking here. You gotta have Sinatra, and as far as Sinatra goes this is always either No. 1 or No. 2 on anyone’s list.

3. Elvis Presley, As Recorded at Madison Square Garden (1972) This is my favorite concert record. Kicks Aloha From Hawaii‘s ass.

What blink-182’s Tom DeLonge Wishes You — and, Apparently, Steve Jobs — Would Give Him

”I am really quite excited for anything new from Apple, anything new that goes with anything new from Apple, and anything new that can be given to me free from Apple. I would also love to get some new fresh patterns of fabric for my underpants. J. Crew has quite a selection.”

Wish Charity: A Q&A With Dustin Kensrue of Thrice

The lead screamer for California political punk quartet Thrice is the rare artist who puts his money where his mouth is. Longtime champions of social and charitable causes, Kensrue (above, foreground) and his band are donating a percentage of sales from their stellar new CD, Vheissu, to author Dave Eggers’ nonprofit learning center, 826 Valencia, and using TV spots for the album to alert fans to the epidemic of child abductions in Uganda. We spoke with the shy frontman about his charitable wishes for 2006 — and beyond.