We review new works by Teri Garr, Billy Crystal, Ed McMahon and Mike Wallace

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EW looks at the latest in celebrity memoirs

Teri Garr with Henriette Mantel (Hudson Street, $23.95)
”Goofy, windswept and blonde” — her words — the driven comedian tells (almost) all, including her decades-long struggle with multiple sclerosis. Unexpected Names Dropped Dennis Hopper, James Dean, the Beatles Insider Dish A lot, from drinking Coca-Cola with Elvis to director David O. Russell literally carrying Garr into his office. Bottom Line Garr, bless her, overindulges in I’m-overcoming-my-disease epiphanies. No matter — she’s as dizzily funny as ever. B

Mike Wallace with Gary Paul Gates (Hyperion, $26.95)
The venerable 60 Minutes journalist methodically recalls over 40 interview subjects in nearly 50 years of broadcasting. Unexpected Names Dropped When you’ve interviewed virtually everyone, none. Insider Dish For a brief period in 1984, he reports, Shirley MacLaine’s ”karmic destiny was to become the next Mrs. Mike Wallace.” Bottom Line Though he can be pedantically thorough, Wallace’s equally hard-nosed approach with presidents, crooks, celebs, and himself proves fascinating. B

Billy Crystal (Warner, $21.95)
In this adaptation of his hit Broadway show, Crystal evokes his bittersweet, Yankee-loving, joke-honing childhood in Long Beach, N.Y. Unexpected Names Dropped Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong Insider Dish Given the time frame, not much. Though few can say they saw Shane on the lap of Ms. Holiday. Bottom Line Crystal’s infectious enthusiasm for his past and his family — especially his father, who died when Crystal was 15 — remains surprisingly funny and poignant on the page. A-

Ed McMahon (Rutledge Hill, $24.99)
Showbiz’s best second banana promises to answer the Big Question: ”What was Johnny really like?” Unexpected Names Dropped He compares Carson to Joe DiMaggio and Leonard Bernstein. Insider Dish None, unless you didn’t know Carson was shy, couldn’t hold his liquor, and was angered by rudeness. Bottom Line Nothing new for Carson fans, and McMahon shamelessly pads with his favorite (admittedly funny) on-air Tonight Show moments. C-

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