I know, we just blogged about this show two days ago, but every day on Martha there’s a new exercise in surrealism to rival the Liza Minnelli/Ben Vereen crawfish stampede incident we mentioned. Really, since Day One, when she kept calling Marcia Cross ”Bree” and nearly scalded her with piping hot scrambled eggs, or since the day when she told Diddy ”I know what ‘ballin” is” as he tried to teach her to rap, there’s been at least one I-can’t-believe-I-just-saw-that moment on every episode.

This week has been particularly jaw-dropping, from Richard Simmons (left, with Stewart) and the Halloween-costumed dogs in tiaras and tutus, to soap star Linda Dano and her scary conversation with Martha on the subject of gingerbread houses. Yesterday, Dano told Martha that when she realized how difficult Stewart’s cookie-architecture project was, ”I wanted to stab you.” Martha responded with the revelation that her husband left her shortly after she made him hold up a gingerbread wall for four hours while it dried and set. Yikes! Call the Too-Much-Information Police!

Stewart also told Dano she has ”many, many” men in her life now. Today, she told guest Rosie O’Donnell that her dog zealously guards her bedroom door, no matter how often she tries to sneak men past it. Rosie and Martha also discussed O’Donnell’s visit to M. Diddy in prison, where Martha recalled having written an Apprentice-type letter to another inmate with whom she’d been arguing. Rosie said she found it funny to imagine being the inmate who received such a letter, then pretended to read it: ”Dear Sheniquah…” Apparently sensing an awkward, racially charged moment, Martha quickly said that the inmate’s name wasn’t Sheniquah but something else equally as beautiful.

It’s the little moments like these, where one of Martha’s masks slips to reveal the iron-lady homemaker underneath, or the would-be wild woman further beneath that, that elevate this show above the mundane daytime TV rut into a strange, uncharted new realm. They also make Stewart a funnier host than Jay Leno.

What’s your favorite Martha moment?