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Lindsay Lohan and Shia LaBeouf have just joined the all-star cast of Emilio Estevez’s Bobby, his film about the RFK assassination that’s set amid a swirl of (fictional) events taking place at Los Angeles’ Ambassador Hotel the night of the shooting there. La Lohan plays a woman getting married at the hotel to her boyfriend’s brother, draftee Elijah Wood, just to keep him from being sent to Vietnam. LaBeouf plays a Kennedy campaign worker who spends the day dropping acid. Also on board are Anthony Hopkins (as the hotel doorman), Demi Moore (as a lounge singer), Sharon Stone, Freddy Rodriguez, and Nick Cannon. Production begins next week on location at the soon-to-be-demolished hotel.

-It must be nice to have Robert De Niro as a friend. After producer Art Linson wrote his memoir What Just Happened? Bitter Hollywood Tales from the Front Line, De Niro (who has made five movies with Linson, including The Untouchables and Heat) convinced him to turn his book into a screenplay. Now De Niro will star in the film version as a Linson-inspired character, with other Hollywood pals like Sean Penn doing cameos as themselves. Variety says director Barry Levinson hopes the film version of What Just Happened? will skewer Hollywood the way he and De Niro skewered Washington in Wag the Dog. Let’s just hope the film resembles Wag the Dog (which also included a character inspired by a Hollywood producer, the Robert Evans-like mogul played by Dustin Hoffman) more than it does Levinson’s previous showbiz satire, Jimmy Hollywood.

Danny Glover is joining the cast of Dreamgirls, as the manager of James ”Thunder” Early, the womanizing R&B star being played by Eddie Murphy. Still no word on who’ll play Effie

-Continuing his transition from dramatic and romantic leading man into creepy character roles, Kevin Costner is reportedly playing a serial killer in Mr. Brooks. Production Weekly (click the link marked ”october twenty-seven”) reports that he’ll begin shooting the film in April.

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