Uma Thurman, Bryan Greenberg, ...
Credit: Prime: Andrew Schwartz

It all works out in Prime, just don’t ask how: In the beginning, Dr. Lisa Metzger (Meryl Streep), a Jewish psychotherapist in Manhattan, is worried sick because her beloved only son, David (One Tree Hill‘s Bryan Greenberg), is involved with a babe (Uma Thurman) who’s not only 14 years older than he is and a gentile but also Dr. Metzger’s patient. Plus, David wants to be an artist, and what kind of career is that for a princeling? By the end, everyone’s okay with everything because — well, because the therapist in this brazenly preposterous romantic comedy is Meryl Streep, whipping up shameless fun by miming what verklemmt looks like among a certain population of middle-aged public-radio tote-bag carriers.

Not one bit of the story tracks. But with these women in these roles, you’re asking for truth? Prime (written and directed by Boiler Room‘s Ben Younger) is much more interested in the interpretation of dreams than how a hottie like Thurman could be interested in a blandy like Greenberg.

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  • 105 minutes