Green Day’s long-awaited ”Jesus of Suburbia” video is finally online, at MySpace. The nine-minute opus is directed by Samuel Bayer, following up on his epic video for the band’s ”Wake Me Up When September Ends.” Like that one, ”Jesus” has a fairly straightforward but open-ended narrative. It stars Thumbsucker costars Lou Taylor Pucci and Kelli Garner as the title character (a restless punk) and his faithless girlfriend, respectively. The clip appears to be inspired by Richard Linklater and Eric Bogosian’s 1996 movie subUrbia, as Pucci spends a lot of time hanging out with friends in the parking lot in front of the 7-11. Ultimately, the nameless anomie that appears to be the Pucci character’s main gripe isn’t as compelling as the wartime anxiety summoned up in ”September,” but ”Jesus” is still an impressive video to watch and savor.