Last Days


Last Days, an inspired-by-a-true-life tale of a dye-jobbed, introverted grunge rocker (Michael Pitt, eerily channeling Kurt Cobain) living out his final tortured hours, completes Gus Van Sant’s unofficial trilogy of Warholian films about modern tragedies (after Gerry and Elephant). Told with the director’s signature uninterrupted shots and minimal dialogue (the subtitles help us make out what Pitt mumbles while roaming through the woods), the movie is weighed down by supporting characters, but Van Sant’s soulful attachment to Cobain’s legacy can’t be denied. EXTRAS The Pagoda music video and deleted scene feel superfluous, but a featurette on the mesmerizing mid-movie tracking shot is a great film-school primer. An amusing 20-minute making-of highlights the less-than-articulate cast — one of the real-life Friberg twins (non-pros who play door-to-door Mormon converters) refers to a particular genre as ”dramatical, like, drama.”

Last Days
  • Movie
  • 97 minutes