Credit: Bono: Siggi Bucher/Zurich/Reuters

Rolling Stone magazine’s editor Jann Wenner, who famously interviewed John Lennon at great length after the Beatles broke up, is now giving the same treatment to rocker/statesman Bono. He recently interviewed the U2 frontman for 10 hours and is releasing their conversation as a series of podcasts. Only the first installment, a 70-minute chat called ”Growing Up,” is posted so far. Bono talks about his childhood, when he met the three pals who’ve been his bandmates for nearly 30 years, but he also strays to discuss topics as wide-ranging as macroeconomics or his relationship with his frustrated-musician father that remained combative long after the younger Hewson had become a star. It’s pretty fascinating; Bono comes off as a casual, regular guy who just happens to be spectacularly well-informed about current events and on a first-name basis with world leaders. It’s a neat trick, to be able to name-drop as he does without coming off as snooty or pretentious. You can read a lengthy sample of the full interview here.

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