Adam Corolla, David Lee Roth
Credit: Adam Corolla: Barry Talesnick/IPOL/Globe; David Lee Roth: Angelo/Globe

Who’s big enough to replace Howard Stern? No single person. Infinity has confirmed what has long been rumored: when the King of All Media leaves the syndicator for Sirius satellite radio at the end of the year, Infinity is replacing Stern with David Lee Roth (near left) in Eastern markets, Adam Carolla in the West (far left), and other lesser-known morning-zoo personalities elsewhere.

Anyone plan to listen to these guys instead of Howard, especially since they’ll be free? Or does the prospect of an uncensored Howard, who’ll be free to broadcast guests having live sex on the air, make you want to pony up $13 a month?

addCredit(“Adam Corolla: Barry Talesnick/IPOL/Globe; David Lee Roth: Angelo/Globe”)