Franz Ferdinand, Catherine Zeta-Jones
Saturday Night Live - Season 42

When given the chance to attend a live taping of Saturday Night Live, I jumped, even though Catherine Zeta-Jones (left, with the boys of musical guest Franz Ferdinand) was hosting. Stick with me, I retract my claws eventually. It helped that this particular episode of SNL also featured the aforementioned Scottish rockers and the return of Tina Fey to the Weekend Update desk after giving birth to baby Alice.

I gotta say: I was impressed with Mrs. Michael Douglas. Going in, I was not a fan. I know I’m not alone in thinking that comedy hasn’t been her forte (America’s Sweethearts, anyone?). But she won me over — starting with the moment when she ripped off her dress in the opening monologue to reveal a body suit and sang. It was then I remembered, oh right, she can sing and dance. She won an Oscar for Chicago. Also: Damn. The girl looks good. Even in skits that didn’t require singing or dancing, her movie-star presence, good comedic timing, and her overall game-ness made for an enjoyable, if not side-splitting, evening. Among other roles, she played an unknown Mexican bimbo/starlet with the ability to read Emily Dickinson in a flawless English accent, a CNN reporter live from Afghanistan, and a très sexy French teacher.

For me, she seemed to shed completely the persona my less charitable blogfather has dubbed “Catherine Ego Jones.” Heck, she even thanked me when I congratulated her at the afterparty. We are THAT CLOSE, people.

What do you think of my BFF Cathy’s SNL debut? Be nice!

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Saturday Night Live - Season 42
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