I really wanted to like the movie version of Frank Miller’s Sin City, and while I was blown away by Robert Rodriguez’s visuals, the relentless gore and violence, at the service of no apparent moral agenda, was just too much for me to stomach. (Go ahead, fanboys, flame me below.) So I wasn’t thrilled to read in Variety that the Weinstein Co. plans to turn the franchise into a TV series after next year’s movie sequel. I do wonder, though, who would air it? It would have to be HBO or Showtime (or, if Rodriguez and Miller tone it down a bit, FX).

The same Variety story notes that the Weinsteins want to turn another Miramax movie, Rounders, into a series, to capitalize on the current trendiness of poker. Guess they released that movie about five years too early. Someone call Vanity Fair and tell them to put Gretchen Mol back on the cover. It’s not too late to make her a star, right?

Right? Anyone? Bueller?