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Space Ghost: Coast to Coast
Credit: SPACE GHOST: Cartoon Network

Which TV shows had the best pilot?

We know which shows ended with great finales (Newhart, M*A*S*H), but which one had the best pilot? — Anthony Volkar
Let’s choose a comedy, for the genre’s higher degree of difficulty — forging a premise, setting a tone, and making us laugh, all in 15 minutes. My favorite? Cartoon Network’s Space Ghost: Coast to Coast (1994-2004), in which the universe’s oddest talk-show host, Space Ghost, interviewed Susan Powter, Kevin Meaney, and the Bee Gees, while interrupting guests with declarations like ”I wear a pants suit and a cape!” (”Me visto con ma yas y capa!” offered an off-camera Spanish translator, for no clear reason.) Hilarious and weird, the pilot also set up the best TV rivalry ever — Space Ghost versus his locust bandleader, Zorak, who sang this haunting lullaby: ”Rock-a-bye Space Ghost/Say your prayers/My locust ship is arriving/And I will conquer you!” I still get chills.

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