Who's making deals in the week of October 28 -- The biggest upcoming projects in entertainment

MOVIES Having just portrayed the evil Lord Voldemort — whose moniker is verboten among wizards — in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Ralph Fiennes had better get used to hearing his character’s name called quite a bit in Doris and Bernard: He’ll be playing Susan Sarandon’s butler in the film, which Bob Balaban will direct. ”It’s based on the billionairess Doris Duke and her relationship with her Irish butler [Bernard Lafferty], who she left control of her estate to when she died,” says Fiennes. Don’t expect any class-crossing hanky-panky; Lafferty was openly gay. The busy actor recently finished shooting Land of the Blind, a political drama, with Donald Sutherland…. It’s the Battle of Iwo Jima, take 2. Clint Eastwood will follow up Flags of Our Fathers, his currently shooting WWII epic starring Ryan Phillippe and Jesse Bradford, with the tentatively titled Lamps Before the Wind, a Japanese-perspective counterpart set to begin filming in February. Flags scripter Paul Haggis gives way to protégé (and research assistant) Iris Yamashita on Lamps, which will be released the same day as its American partner…. Did they learn nothing from their bizarrely unerotic duet at the Grammys? Jennifer Lopez will play a small role opposite hubby Marc Anthony in El Cantante, a biodrama about salsa singer Hector Lavoe. La Lopez will also produce…. It’s eight weeks and counting for Peter Jackson’s King Kong remake, due out Dec. 14, but the Kiwi director is still monkeying around with the film’s score. The Lord of the Rings mastermind just replaced Rings composer Howard Shore with James Newton Howard (Batman Begins).

TV Spin City alumnus (and Parkinson’s spokesperson) Michael J. Fox will play a lung cancer patient who bribes a pharmaceutical company (and hooks up with Julie Bowen’s attorney) for a three-episode arc on Boston Legal. The shows will air in December and January…. NBC has picked up a full season of the aquatic thriller Surface, and you know what that means: another six months of Lake Bell puns!