''Shopgirl'' has Saks appeal -- The new Steve Martin film showcases the clothing giant

Fans of the Steve Martin novella Shopgirl will notice that the new film version changed the retail setting from Neiman Marcus to Saks Fifth Avenue. Why? ”Saks aggressively pursued it,” says the film’s set decorator, David Smith, who brought in gowns from Oscar de la Renta and Badgley Mischka to re-create the couture salon where Claire Danes’ Mirabelle works. ”Saks gave us the location for free and [allowed us to shoot] while the store was open.” (”I don’t know why it was changed,” says Neiman Marcus rep Ginger Reeder. ”But it’s a charming book — I hope it’s a great movie.”) Despite all the high-end tinkering, Mirabelle’s personal style remained accessible. ”We wanted [Mirabelle to be] someone who is younger and doesn’t have money, but has style,” says Smith, who collaborated with costumer Nancy Steiner. ”[We used] vintage and designer pieces…to give her flair without spending very much.”

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