Radha Mitchell sizes up Woody Allen -- The ''Melinda and Melinda'' actress gives high marks to the neurotic director

The actress who plays Melinda and Melinda — both of ’em — had us seeing double as she discussed working with Woody (Allen) and Will (Ferrell).

How did you land the part? I got a call on my cell from Woody asking if I wanted to be in this movie. We didn’t meet until the wardrobe fitting, and the next day we started shooting.

What do you think of his writing? There’s something naturalistic about it. A lot of the time you don’t talk to the people you’re in the scene with —you talk to yourself. It’s a comment on modern society. People don’t really listen to each other.

Which Melinda did you like more? I had trouble loving the tragic Melinda at first. But it was more interesting to play that one.

Who’s weirder to work with: Johnny Depp (on Finding Neverland) or Will Ferrell? I guess Johnny’s less…typical. But everybody has their dark secrets, don’t they? Will’s so nice, he must have a dark secret somewhere!