The Logans of ''Veronica Mars'' and ''Gilmore Girls'' -- We reveal how the two show's love interests aren't that different
Alexis Bledel, Lauren Graham, ...

It figures that Veronica Mars and Rory Gilmore would fall for the same type. But their Logans are so close — same mussy hair, blue blood, trendy name, and penchant for brainy cuties — that we almost feel like we’re watching the same guy. Come to think of it, we wouldn’t put a little two-timing past these bad-boy charmers.

VERONICA’S LOGAN (Jason Dohring)

Daddy Issues Movie-star dad destroyed girlfriend’s innocence by murdering her best friend, forcing her out of the cool-kid social scene and into detective mode.

High-Priced-Lawyer Handiwork Accused of stabbing a motorcycle-gang member, but charges were dropped.

Mom’s Days of Our Lives Past Lisa Rinna (Days’ Billie Reed) played snooty, suicide-prone Lynn Echolls.

Dimwit Crew Dick and Beaver Casablancas, whose new stepmom is a hot trophy wife (and Logan’s transitional bedmate).

RORY’S LOGAN (Matt Czuchry)

Daddy Issues Newspaper mogul dad crushed girlfriend’s idealistic hopes by telling her she’s not cut out for journalism, prompting her to drop out of Yale and into DAR mode.

High-Priced-Lawyer Handiwork Jailed for yacht stealing, but got off while Rory got community service.

Mom’s Days of Our Lives Past Leann Hunley (Days’ Anna DiMera) plays snooty, insult-prone Shira Huntzberger.

Dimwit Crew Robert, Finn, and Colin, whose new girlfriend is a hot Swiss milkmaid.

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Alexis Bledel, Lauren Graham, ...
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