Letters from our readers -- Check out the readers who agreed with us, and those who didn't

In Full Bloom

I’ve been a longtime EW subscriber and had almost given up hope of ever seeing my favorite actor featured on the cover (without pointy ears and a blond wig). So I was thrilled to finally see Orlando Bloom’s brown eyes staring out from the Oct. 7 cover!

”I see your pretty boy made the cover this week,” said my husband, handing me the mail as I arrived home from work. Thank you, EW, for Christine Spines’ article (”Kentucky Fried Movie”) and Sheryl Nields’ great photos of Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst. If I can drag him out to see Elizabethtown, my hubby will finally get what Cameron Crowe knows to be true: Orlando’s performance is going to put the pretty-boy headlines on the sidelines once and for all.

Mal Props

I rarely go see movies in the theaters anymore, but as a huge Firefly fan, I had to make an exception for Serenity. Then I get home and find my new EW with a great article on Captain Mal (”Starship Trooper”)! Nathan Fillion sounds even sweeter than I imagined him. Thanks so much! And in answer to your question, yes, he is the new Harrison Ford.
Bloomington, Ill.

Great Dane

When I saw Dane Cook’s name on the cover of my EW, I said, ”It’s about time!” My friends and I have been following Dane for several years and are happy to see him receiving much-deserved opportunities and accolades. I am one of his ”374,026 friends” who say thank you to EW for the story about him (”Everybody Likes Dane”) and for introducing its readers to a rising star.
Jacksonville, Fla.

‘Cases’ Study

I just don’t understand the logistics at Fox. I, for one, was very entertained by the defunct Head Cases (”One Down,” News & Notes). But when the Fox suits decide they do not like a new show, they don’t promote it, stick it in a no-win program slot, and cancel it. Head Cases barely even got to introduce its entire cast, and it’s gone. Well, at least Fox let us see the first two episodes in order — something they didn’t do with another excellent show, Firefly.
St. Louis

Read All About It?

Just got finished reading Dan Snierson and Jeff Jensen’s comments on spoilers (News & Notes). I agree with Jeff. I love spoilers, I hate anticipation, and I want to know now! But to those who hate spoilers, whether they read them in a magazine or on the Internet, here’s a nifty little tip: If you see something connected to what you’re interested in that says ”spoiler,” big duh, don’t read it. If you don’t know by now that ”spoiler” means you’ll know something before it airs, well then, it’s your own fault if you read it.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

‘Pointe’ Taken

Congrats to Whitney Pastorek on her Gimme Sequel article for a true cult classic, Grosse Pointe Blank (Movies)! Not many cult classics from the past decade actually inspire a sequel, but she might have opened a new door with her idea. After reading the article, the thought of Jeremy Piven’s character Paul in desperate need of Martin Blank sounds great on paper. Let’s hope they put it on film.

CORRECTION: Nathan Fillion’s character on One Life to Live did not become a reverend until after Fillion left the soap (”Starship Trooper”).