Larry the Cable Guy can write -- The ''Blue Collar TV'' comedian adds author to his résumé

He was 2004’s top-grossing touring comedian, and has two gold-certified comedy albums. Now Blue Collar TV‘s Larry the Cable Guy (a.k.a. Dan Whitney) also has his first book, Git-R-Done, with an introduction by The Daily Show‘s Lewis Black. Not bad for the 42-year-old conservative son of a Nebraska pig farmer. (And it isn’t often we get to use that phrase in EW.)

You address the PC crowd a lot in the book. Expect them to read it? People that don’t like me will probably buy my book just so they can get upset about somethin’. I try to make the point: There’s all kinds of comedians for all kinds of senses of humor. That’s why I had Lewis, somebody that’s completely the opposite side of the fence as me, write the foreword. I met him touring, probably 15 years ago. I love him to death. Lewis says a lot of things that are very offensive to people that like me, but I’ll go see him ’cause he’s funny. We’re comedians. He gets it.

David Cross, in your opinion, does not get it. Why devote a chapter to a recent article in which he referred to your humor as ”antigay and racist” and perfectly timed for the country’s ”stage of vague American values and anti-intellectual pride”? Because David Cross was basically hammerin’ my fans and sayin’ they’re a bunch of back-ass idiots. David Cross has never been to any of my shows, so David Cross can’t say what my crowd is like.

Why do you say the country’s lost its sense of humor? There’s just some people that take things way too serious. Comedians don’t make policy decisions. There’s never been a president that has said, ”You know, Don Rickles said something the other day that really made me think.”