They may or may not be lesbians, but that’s no reason to discount t.A.T.u. (shown performing on TRL in 2003), the sexy Russian pop duo who took the stage at that year’s MTV Movie Awards accompanied by hundreds of gyrating schoolgirls in various states of undress. Superstar producerTrevor Horn (Pet Shop Boys, Frankie Goes to Hollywood) returns to further develop theiraddictive dance-oriented sound. The newsingle ”All About Us” is, well, all about them, and the struggles theirrelationship endured being in the public eye. But forget about that and watch the video — it’s got drama! A cell-phone call! Speedingcars! Making out! A gunshot! You know you want to see it. (Pervs.) You can get theirnew album, Dangerous and Moving, at Wal-Mart, of all places.

addCredit(“TATU: Scott Gries/Getty Images”)