The ''Field of Blood'' author recommends Alasdair Gray's ''Poor Things''

Poor Things

Denise Mina on the book you have to read

Denise Mina, author of Field of Blood, recommends Alasdair Gray’s Poor Things (Dalkey Archive, $13.50).

I’m going to fly the Scottish flag here and recommend a writer who is still a well-kept national secret. He’s a hard man to promote, being supernaturally eccentric, but a wonderful writer and artist. Poor Things is written as if it’s a series of discovered Victorian documents, partially the diary of a woman created when a scientist grafted the brain of a baby into the body of a dead woman. The writing is beautiful and the central character is utterly beguiling. Men are always falling hopelessly in love with her, but it’s totally believable. Gray has written wonderful stories, novels, and a thumping big reference, Book of Prefaces. He interviewed himself on Scottish television around his 70th birthday and has scattered Blake-esque murals all over Scotland. A true artist. And mad as a box of monkeys.

Poor Things
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