Celebrity news for the week of October 28 -- Brief updates on births, divorces, court dates, and more

BIRTHS Did he deliver the baby himself? Former ER star Noah Wyle, 34, and wife Tracy, a makeup artist, welcomed baby girl Auden on Oct. 15 in Los Angeles. The couple already have a son, Owen, 2.

HIRED At least it wasn’t David Letterman. ABC News announced Oct. 17 that Martin Bashir, 42, Cynthia McFadden, 49, and Terry Moran, 45, will be the new anchors of Nightline, replacing the departing Ted Koppel, 65, who hosted the late-night newscast for the past 25 years. The trio will begin duties Nov. 28.

RETURN Turns out you can go home again, even after devastation. R&B legend Fats Domino, 77, came back to his New Orleans house in the Lower Ninth Ward from which he had been rescued six weeks ago. The singer’s home has been severely damaged by Hurricane Katrina and many items were destroyed, including Domino’s prized pianos. Domino told New Orleans local news channel WWL-TV that he still intends to reside in the Lower Ninth Ward.

PRODUCING Art will imitate life for Ashton Kutcher (left), 27. The Punk’d host, who married 42-year-old Demi Moore on Sept. 24, has agreed to coexecutive-produce a Fox pilot (Kutcher will remain behind the scenes), tentatively titled 30-Year-Old Grandpa, about a young man who marries a fortysomething woman with children of his own generation. No airdate has been announced.

CONTROVERSY Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty, 50, has come under fire from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) after McGuinty loaned $2.5 million of taxpayer money to secure a two-year North American exclusive for the upcoming musical production of The Lord of the Rings to the Toronto stage, effectively keeping it off Broadway until 2008. The CTF claimed Ontario has a $1.6 billion deficit and that McGuinty is living in a ”Middle-earth fantasy.”

DEBUT At an Oct. 12 press conference in San Jose, Calif., Apple’s Steve Jobs unveiled the company’s new iPod, which has the ability to store and play movies and TV shows. Also announced: Apple’s iTunes will now sell video content, including shows like Lost and Desperate Housewives.

COURTS Richard Pryor, 64, filed an unfair-competition lawsuit on Oct. 12 in Los Angeles, claiming Universal Music Group has been illegally selling recordings of Pryor’s classic comedy routines. The suit, which seeks unspecified damages, said Universal might have believed it had acquired rights when it bought PolyGram Records in 1998. Universal did not answer EW’s request for comment.

PREMIERE ”That always happens, man! If you look at entertainment…real artists borrow and thieves steal,” said Usher at an Oct. 17 launch party, on whether others will pilfer his best moves after seeing his new concert DVD, Truth Tour.

‘TOON TERROR The Smurfs probably thought Gargamel was their biggest problem. That warlock was nothing compared with UNICEF’s new antiwar spot, a 30-second TV ad airing only in Belgium that features the blue folk ravaged by hostiles. UNICEF says the ad is not intended for kids, but they do hope it will increase awareness of how war affects children’s lives. To be fair, the spot airs only after 9 p.m.