Catching up with ''Hart to Hart'' -- EW sits down with the stars of the early '80s TV classic

Hart to Hart: The Complete First Season

How they smoldered so convincingly in season 1 of Hart to Hart remains an unsolved mystery, but ”RJ” Wagner and ”Stef” Powers know who did the most panting.

First thoughts when you sat down for the pilot commentary?

STEFANIE POWERS ”Oh my God, look at my hair.”

ROBERT WAGNER Your hair was great.

SP People still say, ”I was a hairdresser during that time, and everybody came in with photographs of you and said, ‘This is what I want.”’

Initially, ABC struggled with the concept of a happily married couple whose hobby was murder.

RW They would constantly suggest that we break up or have a flirtation with someone else. And Stef and I said, ”No.” We always referred to it as, We’re walking through a park together, having a marvelous time, and a dead body falls out of the tree. Any network concern over how sexy you two were?

SP When we did the ”Hart to Hart moments” — always in bed at the end of the show, either I was on top of RJ or he was on top of me — wasn’t there something about that, RJ?

RW I never had a thing on, for chrissakes! You didn’t notice?

SP I wasn’t going to be so indelicate. It was very intimate. There were only about 65 people watching us.

RW And the dog.

SP The dog would be sitting there going [pants].

RW We loved Freeway, but he was not hand-cued. So while Stef and I are doing these love scenes, the trainer’s saying, ”Quiet, quiet. Sit down. Get up. Turn around. Sit, sit.” That got us a little hysterical.

Hart to Hart: The Complete First Season
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