Are eateries replacing clothing lines? -- EW looks at who can tell their foie from their fromage.

Mo Pitkin’s
Celeb Investor Jimmy Fallon

Location NYC

Ambiance Retro Judeo-Latino brasserie (really). Fitting for its diverse East Village locale.

Signature Dish The Mo Burger with a chicken liver schmear

Who’s Stopped By Debbie Harry, Amy Poehler

Special Features A performance space for authors, comedians, musicians, and, one hopes, former SNL stars.

Geisha House
Celeb Investor Ashton Kutcher

Location L.A.

Ambiance Tokyo 2050 but still very L.A. Translation: Don’t be surprised to see some trucker hats amidst your sushi.

Signature Dish Maguro Spicy Taru-Taru over crispy rice

Who’s Stopped By Demi Moore (of course), Lindsay Lohan

Special Features A VIP room, which increases your chances of meeting Wilmer Valderrama.

Celeb Investor Ryan Seacrest

Location L.A.

Ambiance Dark and sexy

Signature Dish Filet-mignon-wrapped foie gras with sweet miso sauce

Who’s Stopped By Brad Pitt, Madonna

Special Features Japanese Robata-style cooking, which grills the food over an open flame.

Celeb Investor Jennifer Lopez

Location Pasadena, Calif.

Ambiance Havana-cozy, complete with cigar-box-inspired menus.

Signature Dish Ropa Vieja (shredded flank steak)

Who’s Stopped By Nicole Kidman, Carmen Electra

Special Features Booths feature curtains, useful if your husband, Marc Anthony, wants to make out.

The Spotted Pig
Celeb Investors Jay-Z, Fatboy Slim, Michael Stipe

Location NYC

Ambiance Intimate and friendly British gastropub.

Signature Dish Ricotta Gnudi

Who’s Stopped By Beyoncé, Jessica Simpson, Bill Clinton

Special Features Upstairs was an invite-only smoking room, but recent renovations have made it a second dining floor.