What’s weirder?

A.Hundreds of Iowa lottery fans played “the numbers” made famous by the TV show Lost (left) — and lost.

B. The woman who plays poor Mary Alice Young on Desperate Housewives will serve as the national spokesperson for the American Fertility Association.

C. TiVo held a mock funeral for the VCR.

D. Ashton Kutcher has successfully pitched a sitcom tentatively titled 30-Year-Old Grandpa, about a man who marries a much-older woman.

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Well, D. is definitely weird since I think mining your life story for sitcom ideas can yield mixed results (Hello, My Big Fat Greek Life!)But that young Mr. Kutcher is certainly a go-getter, having shown usthat not only can he be taken seriously as an actor, producer, andentrepreneur, but that he had the wherewithal to snagDemi-freaking-Moore, and there’s really no arguing with that.

And it’s nice that Brenda Strong, who plays Desperate Housewives‘zen-like, beyond-the-grave narrator, wants to support a cause as worthyas helping people have children. But have the suits over at the AFAever seen the show? Guilt-ridden Mary Alice killed herself inthe pilot because when she discovered she couldn’t have children of herown she stole one and murdered the mother and buried her chopped-upremains beneath the foundation of her backyard pool. What’s the lessonhere?

C. just goes to show that companies will do anything that willfurther the brand — even if it does seem a little mean-spirited totarget the mom-and-pop home electronics industry. But TiVo rocks BonJovi’s ass off, so they can do no wrong in my book.

No, for me, it’s gotta be A. Having become an insane zealot for Lost‘stwisty mythology who sometimes forgets that it’s just a TV show and notin fact really happening on some faraway island in the South Pacific, Ithink playing these numbers in the lottery is not only extremelynervous-making and superstition-tempting; it borders on sacrilege.Aren’t the good people of Iowa paying attention? The numbers are cursed. So they were, in fact, lucky to have not won. In the name of the Dharma Initiative, respect the numbers, people! Sheesh!