On ''Survivor,'' the tribes give more than their all in a reward challenge that leads to two tribal councils, and one side messes up the numbers game
Brian Corridan, Survivor: Guatemala
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”Survivor”: Double secret elimination

”I didn’t know I was that smart.” — Judd, after helping Rafe decode a puzzle

I admit it. When he figured out that letter scramble in the immunity challenge, I was temporarily stunned myself. Maybe I have this guy all wrong, I said to myself. Maybe he actually has brains and brawn. Maybe he’s the thinking man’s Neanderthal. But then he went and stole all his tribe’s beer. And then he proceeded to go bonkers at tribal council, yelling over everyone, talking about ADD, and telling Margaret to shut up. It was easily the most bizarre tribal council display since Johnny Fairplay showed up drunk back in Pearl Islands. Still, more entertaining to me than Judd’s blitzkrieg were the periodic shots of Rafe looking like he was ready to break into tears. Homeboy looked like he was legitimately scared for his life! And you know what? He should be! Jeff Probst should be! Anyone within a 50-foot blast radius should be, because when this guy explodes, it’s like Mount Saint Helens. This time, poor Margaret got burned (and voted out, with even the hot zookeeper flipping on her), but I have a feeling another eruption is just around the corner.

Okay, let’s back up a bit. We need to talk about the whole double tribal councils and the challenge that led to them. I both loved and loathed the challenge, much like the mud-pit tug-of-war challenge a few weeks back. I loved updating the bitchin’ Boulderdash challenge from Africa (perhaps the only redeeming thing about that entire season). I loved watching Bobby Jon and Jamie yell at each other like absolute lunatics. And I loved seeing Amy get rolled over by that giant boulder and then come back and win the very next round.

But here’s what I didn’t love: the fact that every tribe member was not required to participate. Okay, so Lydia was elected to sit out because Nakúm had an extra member, but what about Rafe? Judd was out there three freakin’ times, but where was Arnold Poindexter? (Not only that, but after flat out chillin’ while his tribemates did all the hard work, Rafe then coasted in and scored the immunity necklace.) If Rafe can’t even climb a ladder, imagine how hilarious it would have been to watch him push that boulder around. Missed opportunity, Mr. Burnett.

Now, as for the double tribal council, let me say this — I’m not a fan. I just can’t get over seeing a team win a challenge and then still have to vote someone out. It just doesn’t make sense. I didn’t like it last season, and I don’t like it now. (By the way, it’s obvious why Yaxhá lost. Afterward, they bragged about giving it 110 percent, but Judd claims he gave 120 percent, so there’s your difference right there.) I’ll tell you what was a nice little twist, though. I figured that Rafe would be able to assign his immunity to someone on Yaxhá, but not revealing his choice until after the voting was pretty sweet. And what exactly would have happened had Brian (who was voted out) been given the immunity? Would there have been a re-vote, or would Bobby Jon (with the only other vote) have gotten the heave-ho? These are the types of questions I ask myself — when I’m not busy asking myself how the No. 1 movie in the country can be The Fog, and that’s been a lot lately.

Last week on cbs.com’s Survivor Live, Blake said that Brian was a total Survivor fanatic who could recite every little fact about the show on cue. Why you would let everyone know what an expert you are at the game you are currently playing against them is beyond me. It doesn’t seem to have been responsible for his ouster, however. Which raises the question, why did Gary and Amy flip on him? I know they were worried about keeping the strong members, but again, this is a numbers game, people! Figure it out! You finally have the advantage, with more original Yaxhá than Nakúm in the game, and then you take down one of your own. You don’t do that, especially with a merge coming up (possibly next week, judging by the promo). I do hope the merge is next week, just so we can see Bobby Jon and Jamie continue to get all Southern on each other. I know they’ll both do their best — at least 130 percent worth.

What do you think? Will Bobby Jon and Jamie come to blows? Did Gary and Amy make the right call in voting off Brian? And does Judd have ADD?

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