Maybe you’ve heard about the sweeps-month crossover between CSI: Miami and CSI: NY that will involve the forensic investigators from both shows teaming up to catch an escaped killer. What you didn’t know — and what Entertainment Weekly reveals exclusively in a scoop from the upcoming issue — is that both episodes will feature versions of ”Hung Up,” the first single from Madonna’s Confessions on a Dance Floor CD. Following the recent examples set by artists from U2 to Beck, Madonna will use the Nov. 7 episode of Miami and the Nov. 9 episode of NY to preview for listeners two different mixes of the song. ”We wanted the song to be relevant to what’s going on,” Miami executive producer Ann Donahue tells EW’s Lynette Rice, asserting that the song will be played during pivotal scenes in the plot.

It’s a canny move for the 47-year-old singer, going for exposure on shows where the average viewer is about, well, her age. She’s already going after a younger demographic this week on MTV, having introduced the song on Monday on TRL and then premiering her concert documentary I’m Going to Tell You a Secret this Friday. At, you can read an extensive interview with Madge, where she notes that Secret is a lot more kid-friendly than 1991’s Truth or Dare, and you can also sneak preview 10 minutes of the film.

So far, there’s no plan for Madonna to make it a Viacom trifecta and go for the youngest viewers of all with an appearance on Nickelodeon. At least, no plan that we know of…