Yes, yes, we know Alyson Hannigan has a prominent role on a hit sitcom (she’s Lily, the lusty kindergarten teacher on CBS’ How I Met Your Mother), and it’s been a long time since she pulled up stakes on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Still, if you were going to interview the erstwhile Willow, as Whitney Pastorek did for next week’s Entertainment Weekly, you too would be unable to restrain yourself from asking Hannigan what her favorite Buffy episodes were.

Fortunately, the actress was a good sport and offered her four faves. Not surprisingly, one of them featured Alexis Denisof, who later became Mr. Hannigan. Here are the actress’ picks, along with her comments:

1. ”Hush” (Season 4; creepy floating demons the Gentlemen rob everyone of the power of speech.) ”It was a whole new way of figuring out how to act, the not-talking thing.”

2. ”The Body” (Season 5; Buffy’s mom dies from an aneurysm; the episode had no background score.) ”I just remember the no sound, no music — it was so disconcerting.”

3. ”Ted” (Season 2; John Ritter guests as Buffy’s mom’s evil robot suitor.) ”John Ritter was the best. We would all just hang out in his trailer and be like, ‘Hi, John Ritter!!’ and he didn’t care. And, we got to shoot at a mini-golf place.”

4. ”Dopplegangland” (Season 3; a spell gone awry spawns Willow’s nefarious twin.) ”I was in the vampire Willow outfit, and Alexis had some holy water, and he made this noise, like FFFFT!! And it just cracked me up. I had such a crush on him.”

These may have been Hannigan’s favorite episodes to shoot, but were they your favorites to watch? What’s on your best-of-Buffy list?

addCredit(“Alyson Hannigan Photograph by Roberto D’Este”)