Michael J. Fox
Credit: Michael J. Fox: Dennis Van Tine/LFI

Michael J. Fox (left) is getting a three-episode guest arc on Boston Legal later this season. The Parkinson’s-afflicted actor will pay a lung cancer patient who romances attorney Denise Bauer (Julie Bowen). Some guys have all the luck.

Rick Springfield is returning to General Hospital as Dr. Noah Drake, the character he famously played there from 1981-83. ”I guess there was a reason why they didn’t kill Noah off in the ’80s,” the actor-rocker quipped in a statement.

Ashton Kutcher is developing a sitcom pilot called ”30-Year-Old Grandpa,” about a man who marries an older woman with daughters nearly his age. Hmm, where’d he get that idea?

-Paris Hilton insists The Simple Life will go on, apparently with Nicole Richie, even though Fox dropped the show. ”All the networks are fighting over it,” she says. Yeah, like, ”You take it!” ”No, you take it!” ”No, you…”

-The important thing about the Nightline shift after Ted Koppel steps down next month isn’t that he’s being replaced by three anchors (Martin Bashir, Cynthia McFadden, and Terry Moran); it’s that it won’t be a single-topic news show anymore. It’s ”hard to keep people engaged with an interview that lasts 15 to 19 minutes,” the producer says. Instead, he’ll pander to short attention spans and introduce multiple topics. In other words, it’ll be just like every other news show. Remind me again why everyone, including timeslot rival David Letterman, wanted to keep this show alive?

-After faux websites (a la Lost), the next step in online TV show promotion is faux blogs, like the ones CBS is building for shows like How I Met Your Mother, Threshold, and NCIS, that feature fictional characters posting blog items.

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