I thought Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report, which debuted last night after The Daily Show and means to do to yammering-pundit shows what TDS does to anchored newscasts, was pretty dead-on funny.

If I were Bill O’Reilly, I’d be upset; Stephen Colbert’s parody of his man-of-the-people stance is merciless. The show’s inaugural guest, Dateline‘s Stone Phillips, was a good sport in the ”gravitas” face-off, where he and Colbert competed to see who could read the most absurd news copy and still keep a straight face. (Granted, you already have a leg up in the somber-voice-of-authority department if your first name is Stone.) Of course, five minutes later, Colbert was paying tribute to newly naturalized U.S. citizen Peter ”Chewbacca” Mayhew by howling like a Wookiee.

Gravitas — yeah, right. My one cavil so far: TCR is not as overtly political as TDS — yet.

What did you think of Colbert’s new show?

addCredit(“The Colbert Report: Joel Jefferies/Comedy Central”)