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Qi Shu, Three Wishes

Great film festival flicks that disappear

Have you ever seen a great movie at a film festival that just disappeared afterward? — Brian
Anybody who attends film festivals is sure to hear tales of The One That Got Away: that movie too pure and radical and artful for any distributor to take a chance on. Often, there’s a conspiracy aspect to those lost legends, but terrific films do fall through the cracks. Wadd: The Life and Times of John C. Holmes, which played the Toronto film festival and then slipped away, is the ultimate searching — and shocking — exposé of the porn world. More shocking still: Only one of the stirring, meditative films of Taiwan’s Hou Hsiao-Hsien has ever been distributed in the U.S., even though they have drawn festival audiences for two decades. His latest, the captivating Three Times, played at Cannes, Toronto, and New York. Will a distributor finally step up?

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