The style of ''In Her Shoes'' -- We delve into the fashions featured in the Curtis Hanson ''chick-lit'' adaptation

Forget designer labels and luxe fabrics: Cameron Diaz’s Maggie in In Her Shoes is more Forever 21 than Fendi. ”This is a girl who doesn’t have any money,” says costume designer Sophie de Rakoff (Just Like Heaven). ”What was important for us was to make sure she had clothing that she recycles in different ways.” Hence, a pair of cutoff jean shorts or a frock modeled after a ’70s-era disco dress made with material that cost about $2 a yard. As for her more revealing en-sembles, ”[director] Curtis Hanson was very, very specific,” says de Rakoff. ”[He’d say] ‘Show me some cleavage, but don’t show me this and that.’ Actors always have input, but Cameron mostly deferred to Curtis.”

In Her Shoes
  • Movie
  • 130 minutes