Keira Knightley, Domino
Credit: Domino: Daniella Scaramuzza

If you call your movie Domino, you’re just setting yourself up for a fall. The tumbling tiles were a favorite metaphor for critics reviewing Tony Scott’s biopic about bounty hunter Domino Harvey (Keira Knightley, left), though some reached back to the Cold War to dig up variations of ”domino theory.” Many reviewers were miffed at the liberties the film took with the facts of Harvey’s life, while others were apparently so frazzled by the film’s frantic editing that they couldn’t even be bothered to come up with punning headlines. Here’s a sample:

The harder they fall
Arizona Daily Star: Promising flick tumbles like dominoes
Christian Science Monitor: ‘Domino’ falls under its own featherweight
USA Today: Overwrought ‘Domino’ falls by the wayside
Lexington (Ky.) Herald-Leader: Camera tricks topple ‘Domino’
Houston Chronicle: Stylish ‘Domino’ falls flat

Mixed Metaphor alert
Indianapolis Star: ‘Domino’ falls like a house of cards
Detroit Free Press: ‘Domino’ explodes in chain reaction

”Theory” and practice
The Oregonian: ‘Domino’ theory
San Diego Union-Tribune: Director Scott’s ‘Domino’ theories are film hogwash
Cleveland Plain Dealer: A theory for a better movie: Pay more attention to details

Stretching the truth
New York Times: The Strange but Somewhat True Story of a Bounty Hunter
San Jose Mercury News: A muddled ‘true story’ of glam bounty hunter
New York Sun: The truth is better than this fiction
San Antonio Current: Lies, damn lies, and movies

Keira’s saucy, but the film is cheesy
The South End (Wayne State U.): ‘Domino’ better than pizza
Boston Herald: Despite great story, ‘Domino’ doesn’t deliver
New York Amsterdam News: ‘Domino’ delivers action
The Daily Evergreen (Wash. State U.): Lock the door — it’s ‘Domino’

Too angry to pun
The (S.C.) State: From model to bounty hunter to subject of lousy movie
Edmonton Sun: Highly annoying: Bring earplugs, and maybe a blindfold, to ‘Domino’
Wichita Eagle: Fistful of edits can’t hide ‘Domino”s dumb script
Everett (Wash.) Herald: Glitzy, trashy ‘Domino’ worthless in every way
Philadelphia Inquirer: An ode to violence with a mess of a plotline
South Florida Sun-Sentinel: ‘Domino’: Film belongs in boneyard
Statesman Journal (Salem, Ore.): ‘Domino’ a spastic nightmare

Actually clever

New York Post: Heroine Chic
Village Voice: Scrutiny on the Bounty: Scott’s Chopped-Up, Moronic Romp
Los Angeles City Beat: Great Scott? Not this time
Dallas Observer: Keira Get Your Gun

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