David Caruso
Credit: David Caruso: Matthew Rolston

-What’s the most popular American show in Europe? It’s CSI: Miami, apparently because foreigners love them some beach shows (Baywatch, Miami Vice.) Watch the ratings plummet if the Europeans ever see pasty David Caruso (left) in a Speedo.

-Penn & Teller are billing their Nov. 13 NBC special, ”Off the Deep End,” as the first TV magic show performed entirely underwater.

-Here’s a show that will jump the shark from day one. It’s TV Land’s forthcoming game show, Jump the Shark, based on the website/catchphrase.

-Obsessed with a certain mystery island? Check out several more goofy new Lost-affiliated faux websites, listed here.

-The Soul Man of Newport Beach, Sandy Cohen (a.k.a. Peter Gallagher), is releasing an old-school R&B album. The onetime Broadway musical star (Guys and Dolls) landed a contract after Epic execs heard him warbling Solomon Burke’s ”Don’t Give Up on Me” last season on The O.C. His CD of Stax covers, 7 Days in Memphis, comes out on Nov. 8.

Other newsy nuggets:

-In what is possibly the stupidest culture clash idea since that reality show Welcome to the Neighborhood got yanked over the summer, NBC is developing a sitcom called Meet the Haunteds, about a white family whose house is haunted by the ghosts of a ’70s-era black family.
-Following up his White Stripes and U2 stunts, Conan O’Brien is featuring Neil Young as Late Night‘s sole musical guest throughout the first week of November.

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