Matt Lanter trades briefs for big ratings -- The former ''Manhunt'' reality star talks about his new role on ''Commander in Chief''

For years, aspiring actors have appeared on reality shows hoping to jump-start legitimate careers — or at least land a guest spot on One on One. But finally it has happened: Matt Lanter, 22, an episode 4 eliminatee on Bravo’s beefcake fest Manhunt last year, is a series regular on the fall’s No. 1 new show, ABC’s Commander in Chief (Tuesdays, 9 p.m.). How did he go from skydiving in his skivvies to John-Johning it as president Geena Davis’ son, Horace? ”I don’t think Manhunt was watched that much,” he says, ”and I wasn’t on it that long.” Here, a few more differences between the two gigs.

Wardrobe ”I am very happy [to be fully clothed now]. I get to wear some preppy, snazzy stuff.”

Manhunt gave out ”modeling kits” ”They gave us sunglasses I still have, and the underwear might be in a drawer somewhere. I don’t really use the Nair.”

His costars ”Oh my gosh, I get to work with an Oscar winner. I don’t think there were any on Manhunt, at least not that I know of.”