Fall's hottest tickets break the bank -- ''The Odd Couple,'' the Rolling Stones, and Cream are selling out at record prices

Still suffering from sticker shock over the $2,500 tix for Barbra Streisand’s 2000 farewell tour? Ha! Check out ticket brokers’ best-seat prices for this fall’s hot shows.

CREAM $4,760 Get ready to pay dearly if you want to see the British trio (with Eric Clapton) at Madison Square Garden this month for its first official U.S. gigs since the band broke up back in the swinging ’60s.

THE ODD COUPLE $1,190 Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane’s revival of Neil Simon’s play, opening Oct. 27, has already sold out its Broadway run (with a record-breaking $21.5 million in advance sales).

THE ROLLING STONES $1,135 Clearly the band needs more leather pants. With Mick and his fellow rock & roll geezers still selling out stadiums at these prices, why in the world would they ever retire?