EW asks Brian Austin Green and Ian Ziering Stupid Questions -- The former ''90210'' stars are faced with questions about their roles in this month's ''Domino''

Brian Austin Green. Ian Ziering. Two great tastes that taste great together? Find out for yourself all over again. The 90210 vets (a.k.a. David Silver and Steve Sanders, respectively) will appear together in the bounty-hunter flick Domino, out Oct. 14. (Green also stars in the new ABC sitcom Freddie.) What do you say we cut to the chase and get stupid on the double?

‘Sup, playaz? IZ: Did we start? Was that your opening? BAG: ‘Sup, dawg.

Why did you guys decide to team up again? Is it because deep down inside you know you can’t spell Brian without Ian? IZ: This guy’s bringing it, Brian! I think we’re going to have to let him have it! BAG: That’s a good one…. Uh, no, we teamed up so we could finally have a job again. That was my take.

In Domino, you play yourselves…as the hosts of a bounty-hunter reality show. Obviously, that’s made up for laughs. What types of reality shows are you offered in real life? BAG: Surreal Life. To live in a world of s — – for 14 days… IZ: They asked me to be on Dancing With the Stars. BAG: I got that call! IZ: Jazz class was a long time ago so I had to pass. BAG: I gave them Ian’s number on that one. I don’t really dance, but Ian has a theater background. He went? IZ: Brian, who are you kidding you don’t know how to dance?!?! Snoop Dogg gets all his moves from you. BAG: Not anymore.

Ian, I’ve referred to your early-90210 ‘do in print as a ‘fro-mullet. Yet my colleague Dalton Ross classified it as a mullet-‘fro. Will you break this tie and break it good? IZ: You guys aren’t incorporating the sideburns. If we’re going to acknowledge Steve Sanders’ early hair work, we have to pay homage to the sideburns, which are really just a chin strap to the entire hair helmet. So it’s gotta be some kind of…mul-‘fro-burn. BAG: I’d call it a pullet because it was like a poodle cut on top and then the mullet on the back. Or a moodle.

Brian, when you released the 1996 rap album One Stop Carnival, did you intend for the carnival to stop so quickly? IZ: I bought it, and I danced to it. I don’t know what you’re talking about. BAG: In the infamous words of Betelgeuse: That is why I won’t do two shows a night. I won’t do it.

Cheesier TV movie: Brian’s Unwed Father or Ian’s Women of Spring Break? Go. IZ: Women of Spring Break is by far cheesier than the other title. Any time you essentially have a redo of Beach Blanket Bingo, it smells like Limburger. BAG: Judging by title, I might want to agree with Ian. But until I see content, I don’t know for sure. IZ: C’mon, we’re talking Shelley Long here, folks!

Brian, you once told Playgirl, ”I’m part Scottish, but I’ve got a whole lot of s — – mixed in. I’m like A1 sauce.” How often do you name-check a condiment to describe yourself? BAG: As often as I can. There’s nothing sexier than referring to yourself as a condiment. And which condiment best represents you, Ian? IZ: All I know is that people relish me. Ohhhhh!!!!!!

How did Jason Priestley celebrate when he was named to Teen Beat’s Cute Boy Patrol? IZ: Jason wore capri shorts and espadrilles and ran around with a little umbrella. BAG: We had a big party and we all watched each other’s movie-of-the-week.