Steve Carell
Credit: Steve Carell Photograph by Catherine Ledner

Steve Carell (left) has signed a two-picture deal with Universal: One is an original script written by the 40 Year-Old Virgin star, and the other will be Juvenile, in which Carell plays a 40-year-old juvenile delinquent. ”The idea is for Steve to play the most Caucasian man in America, who’s sent to juvenile prison for a petty crime he committed as a kid,” screenwriter Mark Gunn tells Variety. ”Suddenly this suburban drip is surrounded by 11-year-old badasses.” Hey, kids, wait ’til you grow up and have your chest waxed; then we’ll see what kind of badasses you really are.

-Steven Spielberg is teaming with Electronic Arts to create three original videogames.

Production Weekly (click on link marked ”october twelve”) has the latest on El Cantante, the biopic of salsa singer Hector Lavoe that J. Lo and Marc Anthony are about to shoot.

Djimon Hounsou is joining Leonardo DiCaprio (and maybe Jennifer Connelly) in the African-set thriller The Blood Diamond.

-MTV buys beloved online short-film site iFilm for $49 million.

-And the day before Peter Jackson’s King Kong hits theaters, his production diaries hit DVD.

addCredit(“Steve Carell Photograph by Catherine Ledner”)