Is ''Commander in Chief'' in trouble? -- The ABC drama has already replaced creator Rod Lurie

One month into the TV season, and the most watched new drama is already in trouble. On Oct. 7, ABC replaced Commander in Chief creator-executive producer Rod Lurie with TV veteran and NYPD Blue creator Steven Bochco. Sources close to the show say production delays were a big factor; Lurie, who was directing episodes in addition to writing them, had just wrapped his sixth episode as October began (most first-year dramas have six episodes in the can by launch time). And networks feared a Moonlighting scenario, where the creator can’t even fulfill the 22-episode requirement for a season. Translation: more reruns, fewer original shows, dwindling viewers.

Lurie — a film veteran who created the short-lived 2003 ABC drama Line of Fire — had a premonition about both directing and writing the series. ”I don’t feel it’s a burden,” he told EW last summer, ”though now you got me thinking. If it all falls apart, will it become the Rod Lurie fiasco?”

Commander in Chief
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