Who will be the next 007? That’s the million-dollar question Sony Pictures will finally answer, when the studio unveils The Actor Who Will Be Bond at a London news conference on Friday. Is the towheaded Daniel Craig a done deal (as has been extensively rumored)? Or will the Broccolis actually surprise us with a last-minute dark horse? Will Pierce Brosnan crash the party?

Casino Royale begins shooting in January in preparation for a fall 2006 release, but until then, chew on this: What changes would you make to the enduring (some say stale) 007 formula? Film critic James Rocchi bemoans the sorry state of the Bond franchise, placing the blame squarely on that of the writers. What do you think? Is the idea of a megalomaniacal villain fixated on world domination dated? Or is it too topical? Early reports say Casino centers on a sinister game of Texas Hold ‘Em. Will this pave the way for cameos by Celebrity Poker Showdown hosts Dave Foley and Phil Gordon?

Most importantly, though, who’s your vote for the next Bond babes (for me, it’s all about Thandie Newton and Sienna Miller), and who should croon the theme song (we’re looking at you, Beyoncé)?

Weigh in. Help us help Sony design the perfect Bond flick.